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Survey Survices (1)ASENA-1

It is aimed that the new building ships are to be built in an environmentally friendly in accordance with international maritime and class socities rules.

Conceptual DesignMODEL6

Conceptual design is shaped according to the demands of the customer. As a result of the conceptual design, design by ALBATROS.

Basic Design CalculationsBILGEM-5

Made for new shipbuilding ships and existing ships in service. Basic design calculations denote whether a ship is safe or not. It is performed by ALBATROS.

Survey Services (1)chem render.128

We perform surveys  in delivery, before purchasing and before or during the periodic maintenance of the ship are  performed by ALBATRO.

Coastal Structures and Shipyard Installation Services (1)DSC_0081 – Kopya

ALBATROS is one of Turkey's most experienced company!

Consultancy and Management (1)NESTING-1

Project management, feasibility studies and inspection services for new construction and existing ships.

Production Engineering (1)CEYDA A-HOME-1

The following documents are prepared during the production phase of ships whose basic design has been completed by ALBATROS.

Advanced Engineering (1)NESTING-2

Used in engineering problems that cannot be solved numerically. The calculations below are used in advanced engineering  by ALBATROS

Modification, Conversion and Retrofit (1)BILGEM-6

Projects to be made on ship according to customer requests and updated international maritime rules and  its the relevant calculations.

Modification, Conversion and Retrofit (2) (1)5

Ultrasonic thickness measurement in the periodic surveys (Intermediate Survey and Renewal Survey) of the ships  is made according to IACS and Class Societies rules.


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